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I am licensed to fly drones commercially, which allows me to capture photos and videos in exchange for cash. Do not hire a drone videographer if they are not licensed!


It is important to have your Part 107 commercial drone license if you want to take videos and pictures with a drone for commercial purposes because it is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States.


The Part 107 license is a certification that demonstrates that a drone operator has the necessary knowledge and skills to operate a drone safely and responsibly for commercial purposes. It covers important topics such as airspace regulations, weather, drone operations, and emergency procedures.


By obtaining a Part 107 license, a drone operator can legally fly their drone for commercial purposes, ensuring that they are following all FAA regulations and guidelines.


Failure to obtain the necessary licensing can result in fines and legal consequences, which can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it is crucial for anyone who wants to take videos and pictures with a drone for commercial purposes to obtain their Part 107 commercial drone license.

Hiring a drone videographer to film for you can provide several advantages.


Firstly, drone footage can capture stunning aerial views that are impossible to achieve with traditional cameras.


It can also capture unique perspectives and angles that can add visual interest and excitement to your video.


Drone videography can be particularly useful for outdoor weddings, as it can capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Additionally, drone videography can provide a sense of scale and context to your video.


Finally, hiring a drone videographer can add a professional touch to your video and give it a high-end, cinematic feel.

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