Hello, my name is Sebastian Morris, but my friends call me Seabass. I'm a West Virginian on a mission to make the world a more positive place.


I'm a journalist, podcast host, video producer, outdoorsman, and United States Marine.

Telling stories is what I enjoy most. I have over eight years of multimedia experience, and I love producing videos to give back to my friends, family, and community.

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My podcast is a mixed bag of current events, historical analysis, my own thoughts, and interviews with guests working to solve important problems or entertain the masses (both are meaningful pursuits, and it's beautiful when people are able to combine the two). Not to mention tons of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS gameplay!

I enjoy cooking, painting, working out, hunting, and educating myself about history, so I have always tried to make my YouTube content a reflection of those interests to encourage others to make the most of life.


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