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Independent Films & Sketch Comedy

I have always enjoyed sketch comedy, but I'm never going to move to NYC and try out for Saturday Night Live. That sounds terrible.

Good thing we live in a time when it has never been more affordable to do it yourself. Making these skits with my friends is always fun and provides opportunities to practice filmmaking.

In this sketch, two roommates get into an argument about whose toothbrush is whose.

Independent filmmaking is essentially the process of creating a film without the backing or financial support of a major film studio. It involves a much smaller budget, a smaller crew, and often relies on the creativity and resourcefulness of the filmmakers to bring their vision to life.

What sets independent filmmaking apart from Hollywood filmmaking is the level of creative freedom that the filmmakers have. Since they are not tied to a major studio, independent filmmakers are able to take risks and explore themes and topics that may not be considered mainstream or commercial. This can result in some truly unique and thought-provoking films that might not have been made otherwise.

On the other hand, Hollywood filmmaking tends to be much more focused on profitability and box office success. The studios have a lot of influence over the creative decisions that are made, and there is often pressure to conform to certain trends or formulas that are believed to be successful. This can result in a lot of formulaic, predictable films that might not push any boundaries or challenge audiences in the way that independent films often do.

Of course, there are exceptions to these generalizations, and there are certainly independent films that are focused on profitability and Hollywood films that are innovative and challenging. But overall, the differences in budget, creative control, and focus make independent filmmaking a very different beast from Hollywood filmmaking.

Creating a TV series is a dream for many people. YouTube has created a platform which cuts out the need to go bed a big studio for a chance to create your own show.

I wrote a pilot episode and filmed it with some friends. I paid them in beer and pizza, and I'm pretty dang proud of it.

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